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    Celienas Captures

    Celienas Captures

    Hey, I'm Celiena!

    I'm so excited you're here and to not only capture your story but celebrate it with you! I thrive on being more than just a photographer; I'm your helping hand, ensuring that you not only relive the day but cherish every emotion. I love transporting you back to the very moment you fell in love when you look back at your pictures.

    Beyond the lens, you'll find a photographer who loves coffee, adores dogs, embraces the joy in life, delights in getting to know people, and finds inspiration in the love of Jesus. I would love to join YOU on this journey, and let's create memories that reflect the beauty of your love and the joy of shared moments!

    for one of a kind experiences 
    to celebrate your love for eachother


    So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

    Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate

    MATTHEW 19:6

    Choose your experience

    Embrace an experience that is as fun, intentional, and adventurous as you are. My promise is to weave a dreamy, one-of-a-kind tapestry of memories through my warm and down-to-earth approach!

    Capturing the joys and blessings of marriage

    She is simply amazing and extraordinary! she gives a lot of ideas and makes you feel so comfortable and so good to have a lot of real laughs! The photos are extremely perfect, spontaneous, and of a quality that is remarkable that it captures the truth in people.


    Celiena truly is such a talented and creative photographer. Not only does she keep up with trending poses and editing style, but she is easy to share ideas with, and she will seriously make your day effortless! She really stayed on top of our schedule, and we were thrilled to see our gallery was delivered so quickly after the wedding!!


    Celiena is one of the sweetest people I've worked with. She did my wedding in August and the pictures are incredible. She is so flexible and willing to find the best solutions to everything.

    I 100% recommend you book with her, you will not be disappointed!


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